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NAR6104S Voice Logger
  • NAR6108 Voice Logger
  • NAR6108 Voice Logger
  • NAR6108 Voice Logger
  • NAR6108 Voice Logger
  • NAR6108 Voice Logger
NAR6108 Voice Logger
Item Code:

Model :NAR6108

Channel :8 CH

Storage Device:SD card(PC backups)

Input voltage:DC8V/500MA

Product Details

Product features:

Embedded architecture, no computer, power supply canwork, convenient and reliable, anti virus.

Automatic recording of call, Inbound, outbound,missed, call time, call content and other call information.

Volume automatic gain control (AGC) function to ensure voice volume is balanced and voice is clear. 

Hardware decode to ensure accurate reception of DTMF/FSK and DTMF keys in various line environments.

SD card stores call information, Sdcard can reach up to 2000G(FAT32 format).

Recordingfiles without compression, lossless recording storage, to ensure the quality ofrecording.

Automatically detect storage capacity. When the space is full, it can automatically clean upthe recording files and support long time cyclic recording.

CMS centralmanagement software, which can increase the management of multiple devices.

Supportdevice and PC direct connection (device default IP:

The powerfulcloud server provides the following functions:

>  Online update of equipment and Pcsoftware

> P2P to achieve NAT traversing(hole), that is, devices and CMS easily realize external network communication.

Recordingmode: voltage control, voice control, keying, continuous recording.

Support callvoice announcement, support automatic reply message.


>  PSTN Line

>  Interphone ,Wireless vehicle radio station

>  Meeting-Recorder,MIC recording

>  fixed wireless telephone recording

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